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CFS offers an array of support services for those in current difficult situations and those who trying their best to move forward.

Women Empowered

Women Empowered provides education and support for women who have experienced domestic violence. The group promotes awareness of self-determination and choices leading to personal empowerment through the support of life stressors.

Women Empowered is held Tuesday nights 5:15-6:00 P.M.

Kids Empowered

Kids Empowered is a socio-educational support group for children (4-12 years old) who have experienced domestic violence in their lives. The group works on self-esteem building activities, and skills to resolve conflict.

Kids Empowered groups are help Tuesday nights 5:15- 6:00 P.M.

Teens Empowered

Teens Empowered is a support group for young adults (13-18 years old) who have also experienced domestic violence. Groups will work on skills to build self-esteem, making healthy relationship choices, and problem solving techniques.

Teens Empowered groups are help Tuesday nights 5:15- 6:00 P.M.

*Services for Male Survivors are available upon request.



Domestic Violence Awareness Class

Violence can be sexual, emotional, physical, or verbal and affects the whole family. Domestic violence is a pattern of abusive behaviors used to exert power and control over another in an intimate relationship. Partners may be dating, married or not married; separated; heterosexual, gay, lesbian, living together or not living together. Domestic violence can happen to anyone. The class will help you understand the laws, traits of an abuser, warning signs, and safety planning for the victim.

Domestic violence awareness class is not solely for those experiencing abuse. It is important to understand the traits of an abuser and warning signs to avoid unhealthy relationships. The class is open for anyone wanting to learn more about Domestic violence. Participants may be family member looking to be a support for a loved one or be interested in learning for themselves.
Domestic violence class is a two hour class scheduled by appointment. If you wish to schedule an appointment or learn more about the class please contact us at 513-887-4303.



Intervention Planning

CFS works with adults, children and families to focus on their individual needs and goals to customize a plan of action. Intervention planning may include counseling, support services, referrals, safety planning, etc. To meet with a CFS staff member to talk about a plan for yourself or family please contact us here.

Safety Planning

Safety Planning is a personalized, practical plan that can help you avoid dangerous situations and know the best way to react when you’re in danger. If you’re experiencing abuse or are in an unhealthy relationship, you should create a safety plan. Whether you decide to end the relationship or stay, its a good idea to empower yourself with the knowledge of how to act in different situations. CFS will help you create a personalized safety plan for you and your children during any stage in your relationship. Based on what you’re going through, we can help assess the best plans of action and brainstorm different options with you- even when you’re feeling out of options. Click here to download CFS’ safety planning info packet.